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Through lived experiences, Healing Between Worlds' Ryan Deneault shares his unique story of being a functioning addict for 36+ years and his attempts to fit into society for nearly five decades to help others find their healing path. He also teaches about Canada’s history, Truth and Reconciliation, the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, plus he shares his journey through addiction to wellness and recovery.

Every week, CFJC TV Kamloops gives space to Ryan to share stories to help you reflect on your own journey and the history of Canada. This story is about how institutions such as Indian hospitals, were established in Canada to segregate, isolate, and control Indigenous people. Linked closely with Residential Schools, Indian hospitals saw rapid expansion during the tuberculosis epidemic in the 1940s. As the tuberculosis rates among Indigenous people were notably higher than the national average, these hospitals primarily served to isolate Indigenous patients, perpetuating racist myths about their susceptibility to the disease.

You're invited to watch, learn, and reflect:

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